The Western Montana Military Officers Association recently held an appreciation luncheon for the cadre of the University of Montana ROTC program. The Professor of Military Science LTC Chris Wellman and eight of his instructors welcomed WMMOA President Jack Babon and former UM ROTC graduates Gary Sorensen (class of 1957) and Gary Swartz (Class of 1973). This luncheon has become an annual event. Gary Swartz named several of the cadre from his time at ROTC almost 50 years ago that had a lasting impact on him and stressed to the present cadre that they will have a similar impact on their cadets. Gary Sorensen brought copies of the new WMMOA brochure for each cadre member and invited them to join us for our social hours or luncheons and to become members. After a great lunch of BBQ from The Notorious P.I.G. restaurant, Babon, Sorensen and Swartz joined in discussions with the cadre members and offered to have WMMOA members attend classes to discuss topics such as leadership.