22 WMMOA members and family gathered at the Hellgate Civilian Shooters range in West Riverside Saturday to dust off their marksmanship skills and have some friendly inter-service competition. This was the largest group of shooters in the six year history of our popular summer activities. WMMOA members brought a wide range of pistols and long guns to share. Everyone was encouraged to try different firearms. As always, range safety was unwavering in the sunny morning weather. 

There were eight “Buddy” team representing various branches of the US military. Once again the Army team reigned supreme. Jack Babon and Larry Anderson won the first place trophy by edging the USMC team of Bob Nasty and Will Deschamps. The USAF team of past winners Dale Stovall and Mike Schauf finished third. 

As is our tradition, a hotdog and brat BBQ capped off our Day At The Range. Jack Babon did a great job as grill master as members enjoyed food, drinks and great conversation. WMMOA looks forward to hosting next year’s annual July get together; we hope you will join us.