WMMOA Board Members Do Mardi Gras!


Our WMMOA President and Secretary were sad to miss last month’s luncheon as they had bigger plans! This year marks their #4 Mardi Gras event in New Orleans and it was another good one. They made arrangements to surprise WMMOA’s favorite active duty Major Eileen with a visit from her English battle buddy from Afghanistan. In the meantime, sneaky Major Eileen made arrangements to surprise Jack and Cindy with two of Eileen’s sisters. Great stories and plenty of fun leading up to Fat Tuesday! Jack rode a float for the first time this year. This year’s them was “Wild, Wild West” and Jack’s float was dedicated to Native Americans. Parade day in a nutshell: Costume fittings, face painting, waiting, eating, waiting, four and half hours of parade route, 84 men on his two piece float, 32 floats in total, 25 bands in between, and throwing out to the crowds $1800 in beads, arriving into the convention center of 13,000 people for the tuxedo ball, and then home on Monday. Lots of great friends, old and new, and looking forward to the next year. Maybe a WMMOA float?