USS Montana SSN Visit and Celebration


Skipper CDR Michael Delaney and ET 2 Evan Glenn

On Saturday September 22nd WMMOA hosted a Special Reception and Dinner Event for the visiting Skipper of the newest US Nuclear Attack Submarine in the Navy. CDR Michael Delaney and PO Evan Glenn completed their tour of Montana at the “Last Best Place”, Missoula!

After an introduction to the Griz crowd at half time and spending the game in U of M President Bodner’s Box, they were welcomed by a full house of Veterans and community members for a great evening at the Missoula Country Club. To the nearly 100 in attendance, the Skipper and PO gave a great presentation on the boat’s build and the mission of the newest Virginia Class SSN to be completed in late 2020. They enjoyed a great reception, great chow and a lot of ‘Grippin’ and Grinnin’ to include a few parting gifts. An autographed Griz football and of course, a WMMOA Challenge Coin. It was a special evening and a special thanks to all WMMOA members in attendance.