Training Multi-Purpose Working Dogs in Western Montana January 2019 Luncheon


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At our January WMMOA Luncheon the group was treated to an amazing, informative and entertaining presentation by Dave and Chris Howe and “kids”. Dave LtCol USMC Ret and Chris CAPT USN Ret are both Certified Master Dog Trainers and members of Missoula County’s Search and Rescue K9 Team. Dave introduced us to what it takes to be a ‘Search and Rescue, Tracking, Detection and Protection K9. He and Chris shared the processes and procedures necessary to identify potential dogs at the litter and then to develop and train the dogs to fulfill that potential. They introduced us to Gypsy and Abby who demonstrated their skills in drug and material detection and then showed us their ‘reward time’ after a job well done. The presentation covered a number of the reason dogs are so well suited for many of the jobs they do, both for Military and Civilian organizations. It was one of the best presentations we have had in several years as the questions afterword’s just keep coming. A great afternoon and another great briefing by two of our WMMOA members!