The Mysterious Death of Merriweather Lewis

At an unusual date for a WMMOA luncheon (the 4th Friday vs the 3rd Friday) because of an equipment problem at the Doubletree Hotel, Larry Milenchuck gave a wonderful historical presentation to an enamored WMMOA audience.  Larry is a local historian and a Missoula treasure who shares little known stories from US History.  A year ago he briefed us on the Lewis and Clark Expedition and at the end teased us with a ‘rest of the story’ to come.  This was the rest of the story, about the murder of Merriweather Lewis and the role of General James Wilkinson, the Commanding General of the US Army in the early years of our Republic.  It was a great mystery tale with a new resolution.  After some 200 years we learn that Gen Wilkinson was a traitor to America and a spy on the payroll of the King of Spain.  And we learned that he would do anything to stop Merriweather Lewis from getting to Washington with the knowledge of his treachery….including hiring assassins to kill him enroute.  So, Lewis was not a suicide but the victim of traitorous criminal to America.