Russia/Ukraine Update 

Our first luncheon of the new 2022-3 WMMOA season began like the last luncheon of last season, with a revisit of the Russia/Ukraine Conflict.  CDR Gary Stubblefield and Bob Seidenschwarz returned with a detailed and wide-ranging update of the situation and all that has changed in the preceding months.  To a focused audience in ‘tight quarters’ at the DoubleTree’s Atrium, Bob and Gary brought all up to speed on the changes in the fighting and the impact the battle is having on the region and the rest of the world.  There were no answers, but good in formation and plausible theories on where things may go in the coming months.  There were many good questions from the group and good exchanges throughout the hour-long presentation.  We are fortunate to have WMMOA members like Gary with the professional knowledge and the ‘boots on the ground’ experience, along with community leaders like Bob with the global focus and experience to share with our members on these important issues.  A great but sobering start to the new WMMOA Season.