Recollections of a Sonarman aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt SSBN

The Chapter welcomed a special guest presenter in November when Dr David Gray briefed us on his service as a Sonarman (STS2) aboard SSBN 600 the USS Theodore Roosevelt during the Cold War.  In a fascinating and detailed presentation David shared details about his 4 years serving in the North Sea while ported in Holy Loch Scotland.  Dave told the story of the boats ‘encounter with an uncharted undersea mountain’ at the end of a patrol (the other crew was operating the boat).  He shared that most of the cruises were uneventful, and he got really good at identifying different whale species via his sonar.  Dave briefed us on his most frightening day when during an Operational Readiness Exercise, the count down to launch of 16 Polaris missiles continued past the normal ‘exercise termination point’ to less than 90 seconds…the crew was certain Armageddon was about to happen.  It was an engaging presentation with great pictures and outstanding stories.  Bravo Zulu STS2 Gray!