Personal Affairs

The material below are guidelines and information to assist members and Veterans in end of life arrangements.  This is meant to be  supplemental  and not a definitive list of all information available.

WMMOA Personal Affairs Organizer – January 2018 
Legal Considerations
Do you have a will?
Do you have a Power of Attorney?
Do you have a Medical Power of Attorney?
Have you made a list of where you want your personal possessions to go?
Who should be contacted in the event of your death?                                                                   Have you filled out a Physician Ordered Life Sustaining Treatment with you Dr.?

Veterans Considerations
Do you have a copy of a DD Form-214 Certificate of Service?
Have you made a decision as to where you are to be buried?
Key Addresses and Phone Numbers:
Montana Veterans Affairs, 1911 Tower Road, Missoula, (406) 542-2501
Montana Veterans Cemetery, 1911 Tower Road, Missoula, (406) 721-5778
Montana Veterans Home, Columbia Falls, (406) 892-3256

Memorial Service Considerations
Do you wish to be cremated?
Have you made any plans with a funeral home?
Have you decided  if and where your memorial service will be held?
Have you discussed your memorial service with your minister?
Do you have  preferred scripture or music for your memorial service?                                    Contact your church for more information or a funeral planner.

Financial Concerns
Have you consolidated your investments at one company?
Do you have a mortgage or mortgage insurance?
Do you have life insurance?
Do you have burial insurance?
Do you have a relative or trusted friend with access to your financial accounts?

Western Montana State Veterans Cemetery Manager:

• Curt Aasved Office (406) 721-2995 Cell (406) 396-8009

Montana State Veterans Cemetery Guidelines

Any Veteran with an Honorable discharged is eligible for internment in one of the three Montana’s state Veterans cemeteries (Missoula, Helena and Miles City).  A copy of the discharge form, (DD-214/Honorable Discharge) is necessary to determine eligibility.

Spouses are also entitled to burial in state veterans cemetery, as long as the veteran has been or will be buried in the same cemetery.  Veterans are entitled to a government provided gravesite.  The government also provides a headstone for the spouse if they are laid to rest in a Veterans cemetery where their spouse is already buried or will be buried on their passing. There is no charge for a plot in a state Veterans cemetery; nor is there a charge for the opening and closing of the grave for a Veteran. Should the spouse pass away before the Veteran or after the Veteran has been buried, they may also be interned with the Veteran, however, the family would be responsible for the $500 opening/closing charge.  The headstone would be updated when both Veterant and spouse are deceased, it will include both names.

The following documents are required for burial at the State Veterans Cemeteries:

• A copy of the death certificate.
• Discharge papers. (DD-214 or equivalent: Honorable Discharge certificate)
• Burial transit permit for full body burial or cremation certificate. This will be provided by the Mortuary.
• Headstone application: This will be filled out by the funeral home or the cemetery sexton. There is a $115.00 charge to set the headstone at all three State Veteran Cemeteries. The county of residence will pay $70.00 and the family will be responsible for the remaining $45.00. Out-of-state residents must pay the full $115.00 charge for setting the headstone. (See the link below)
• A copy of death certificate.
• Discharge papers. (DD-214 or equivalent)
• $500.00 fee for opening and closing of grave.
• Headstone application. This will be filled out by the funeral home or the cemetery sexton. There is a $115.00 charge to set the spouses headstone at all three state veteran cemeteries.
• Burial transit permit for full body burial or cremation certificate. This will be provided by the Mortuary.

The headstone is furnished by the government as a benefit to the veteran/spouse, at no cost.  However, the family will be responsible for the $115 setting fee.


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