Our First Meeting of the Season

“We’re Baaack!”  After a 6+ month hiatus, the Western Montana Military Officers Assoc. met on Friday September 11 for our first social hour of the season.  With a great turnout (following all directed protocols) 30+ members gathered for ‘pupus, drinks and comradarie’.  We were fortunate to have Cpt Char Gatlin USA presenting on this 19th anniversary of the Terrorist Attack on the Twin Towers.  Char, a member of the 3rd Infantry Reg “The Old Guard” and on duty at the Pentagon when the attack took place, gave a compelling presentation of that day and the weeks that followed.  He and his unit did the lion’s share of the initial aid, recovery and cleanup of the aftermath of the aircraft strike on the Pentagon.  It was a first hand look with intimate detail of the horror and heroism that took place on and after September 11, 2001.  Thanks Char and Arianna for a great kickoff to the year.