October Social Hour: ‘and there I was…really!

It had been a while since the Chapter scheduled a “there I was…really” open mike program, so we did just that for the October Social Hour.  Those with ‘courage’ got up and shared interesting and humorous tales from our careers.  There was a ‘Korean Theme’ initially as Gary Swartz and Tork Torkelson told of their experiences with their Korean Officer counterparts during Exercise Team Spirit.  Kay Deschamps shared her experiences as an Army Nurse and her early ‘leadership opportunity’ and Will Deschamps his VN tour experience with a Navy O-6 F-4 pilot and his aircraft while parked in the USMC hanger in Da Nang.  And Mike Schauf shared his initial encounter with the Navy as a B-52 pilot in SAC….seems the incident may have led to his eventual change of services and Navy career. It was a fun evening and one we will do again soon.