Movie Nite “The Great Escape”

Movie nite 11-11 A

Bob Eder, Steve Rossiter, Tottie Parmeter, Dave Mihalic Jeri Mihalic, Pete Graf, Dale Stovall, Karen Rose, Collin Rose, Mike Schauf and Kurt Ingold

Well after a Veterans Day starting with “free’ breakfast at Denny’s or the Legion Hall followed by “free’ lunch at Famous Dave’s and a ‘free’ early dinner at Chicago Pizza what better way to finish a great Veterans Day than a ‘free’ showing of the WW II Classic “The Great Escape” at the Roxy! A valiant ‘Band of Brothers and Sisters’ took advantage of the great offer from our favorite Missoula Movie House to enjoy the movie with friends along with a bowl of popcorn and a Cold Smoke. It was great to see the early 60s classic again on the big screen and to relive the movie experiences of those days to include the missed pick up of the 3rd and final reel of the movie….so we had to wait an extra 10 min to see the end….we got a “free’ potty break as well! A great time with good friends!