Range Day 2016

Another great WMOAA Range Day on Saturday July 23rd.  Shooters included; Gary Swartz, Dale & Carol Stovall, Dave Mihalic, Mike Schauf, Norm Wight, Gary Lancaster, and Warren Little.

After several rounds of ‘practice’ on various weapons, the group split into service teams for the annual sidearm challenge.  Team Army with Dave Mihalic and Gary Lancaster won with 69 points.  Team Air Force with Dale and Warren was second with 67 points and Navy, with Mike and Norm finished third at 63 points finishing just ahead of the Marines who failed to show.  Individual best shooters were Dale and Gary Swartz tied at 41 with Dave Mihalic just behind at 40.

After the challenge it was hot dogs and sodas for all (except Gary S forgot the soda…) thanks Warren for sharing your beer!  A good time was had by all!



The death of a paper target

Mike and Dave

You talkin’ to me mister?

Gary and Norm
Norm & Gary attended both summer events





Mike and Dave 2

You’re high and well left of target Dale



Range day group
The players;  Carol Stovall, Gary Lancaster, Dave Mihalic, Dale Stoval, Gary Swartz, Mike Schauf,             Norm Wight and  Warren Little