Army Navy Game Watch Party 2018


Another great Saturday event (especially for the Army fans present) at the second WMMOA Army/Navy Game. The game began slowly, but the chatter and banter was hot and heavy throughout. Fortunately, there were several AF reps present to prevent ‘incidents’. We were joined by new friends this year as Robert and Melissa Burns and Mike Schardt were along for the fun. CDR Burns USN Ret/USNA-87 and Melissa just moved from Annapolis and looking for a place to watch the game, found us and made a whole new group of friends. Mike, down from Columbia Falls to visit his daughters family, found us thru our website (someone finally used the web!). Mike an Army supporter, and the Army contingent present enjoyed the final score more so than Robert and we Sailors and Marines. But in spite of the results, it was a great afternoon with old and new friends!
GO NAVY! BEAT ARMY! ….next year 😦