“Across the Sahara in 1941 With Pan Am” True Story of American civilians supporting the RAF before Pearl Harbor.

Our November Luncheon was a wonderful history lesson from one of our newer WMMOA members.  LTC Tom Culbert USAF Ret gave a great presentation on the little known story of PAN AM and American contractors supporting the British in WW II BEFORE Pearl Harbor!  Tom is the coauthor of  the book of the same name and gave of the history of how Pan AM developed the southern route from the US to South America, across the Atlantic and through central Africa to Egypt to support and supply the British in the Mediterranean.  With the Fall of France and the advance of the Germans and Italians in Africa Britain was in jeopardy of loosing the Suez Canal and the ability to supply their forces in Africa and Southern Asia.  Pan Am and American contractors created and operated  airfields along the African route that became the critical supply lined needed and allowed to support their Army in Africa, but also opened a route to India that supported their forces fighting the Japanese as well.  An amazing story that none of the audience were aware of.  A great presentation and a wonderful history lesson from someone who knew and flew the route personally.