2022 WMMOA Army-Navy Game

For the nearly 8th consecutive year (we missed 1 year during the ChiCom Flu era when we couldn’t secure a venue), WMMOA members gather again on December 10 for the annual Army-Navy watch party.  This year, again at the upstairs Party Room at the Iron Horse Pub in Missoula.  After several weeks of shared insults, the Army and Navy Vets, along with straphangers from the Air Force who’s team had already secured the Commanders Trophy for the year, met to enjoy the spectacle,.   We had lots of time to enjoy libations and lunch as there was little activity on the field with a ½ time score of 7 to 3.  That didn’t stop the ‘heated banter’ between the vets, all in good fun.  In the 2nd half a football game broke out and the cheers and growns increased.  Navy’s 2 fumbles on the goal line in the 2nd half and overtime saved Army from a second embarrassing loss in 2 years.  Army 20 Navy 17.  See you next year! GO NAVY! BEAT ARMY!