U of M Military and Veteran Services

Maj Pat Beckwith USA serving as Director of the U of M Veteran Services briefed us on the new plan and direction of the program and his and President Bodner’s desire to make the UofM program one of the best in the West. Their vision is that UofM will be the most military friendly institution in the nation, fostering an inclusive environment and creating new and innovative pathways for military affiliated graduates.  To this point Maj Beckwith has focused not only on military past, present, and Reserve students, but military affiliated students which include children and spouses of service members.  As these students too have lived and been influenced by life in the military.  The Program will look to maximize the potential of our military-affiliated students through galvanizing a strong sense of community, dedicated to the success of their academic and career development.  With over 1400 Military affiliated students at the U of M, Maj Beckwith is working closely with facility and administration to better integrate and support this group across all areas of the university.  It is a big task, but after hearing Maj B’s presentation and his commitment to the program there is no doubt, the program will be a success.  WMMOA is look forward to supporting the Veteran Services office and Maj B in this exciting effort!