Duty With The Old Guard

Following up on his earlier presentation about “The Old Guard” and duty at the Pentagon during and after the 9-11 Attack, CPT Char Gatlin USA shared “the rest of the story’ about his with the Army 3rd Infantry Regiment “The Old Guard”.  Char walked us thru the different teams/groups in the Regiment.  The Tomb Guards, The Escort, Casket and Firing Teams; and the 4th Battalion with the Colonial Marching Platoon, Drill Team, the Fife and Drum Corps, and the Continental Color Guard.  All members shared Cemetery Duty in addition to their other responsibilities, and we learned that while the officers led the ceremonies, the enlisted ‘buried the dead.’  It was a great briefing, well organized and well presented that kept the membership fully engaged throughout.  Bravo Zulu Captain Char!