2021/23 WMMOA Season

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The Russian Invasion of Ukraine, a discussion

WMMOA usually ends our meetings for the year in April with our Banquet in May.  This year we added a May luncheon that was an outstanding finish to our 2021/22 Season. In March after the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, Bob Seidenschwarz, who is a founder of the Montana World Affairs Council and the go to source for WMMOA on World events, and I discussed finding time for another event to brief the Chapter on the war and what it will mean for the US, Europe, China, and the rest of the world.  With Pres Charlie’s blessing we met along with CDR Gary Stubblefield, a Chapter member, Retired Navy Seal and now actively working in and familiar with Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and the region.  We planned a presentation/discussion Luncheon to present timely and credible intel and have an open discussion of what it all might mean and what we can expect to see in the coming months.  The luncheon was very well attended even with the short notice and the 50+ members attending were actively engaged in the discussion.  Gary’s extensive personal knowledge of the people and places in the region gave us insight we would never hear from MSM and understanding of the impact to the people and in both Ukraine and Russia and the surrounding region.  Bob with his global knowledge helped tie together how the war was affecting the world stage and the potential long-term impact on world economies and global shortages of food, fuel, and commodities.  The discussion was still going strong when we finally closed after 90 minutes of useful engagement.  Bob and Gary were still in discussion with members 20 minutes after dismissal.  All agreed it was an outstanding exchange of questions and information that we are not seeing from the usual sources.  It was one of the best programs the Chapter has organized in some time.  Thanks to Bob Seidenschwarz and Gary Stubblefield for an amazing afternoon of timely information and knowledge. 

2022 WMMOA Banquet

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2021/22 Calendar

Save the Date! May 22nd the return of the Annual WMMOA Banquet! 6pm with social hour starting at 5:30. Our Speaker will be UofM History Professor Mehrdad Kia presenting “Iran Past Present and Future”…Stay turned more information will follow

Our WMMOA Social Hour meetings are held on the second Friday of the month at 1830 at the Westside Bowling Lanes in Missoula.  We will have ”there I was’ presentations with hors ‘d’oeuvres/light dinner for $10. 

Our WMMOA Luncheon meetings are held on the 3rd Friday of the month at 1130 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Missoula.  We will have formal presentations with a full lunch for $20.  Please note reservations are required as there may be limited seating (50 max).

Please Note:  Western Montana Military Officers Assoc. is open to all Active Duty, Reserve, Retired and Former members of the United States Military Services.  If you have questions or wish to make a reservation please contact  Cpt Charlie Olinger colingermt@gmail.com  or 406-240-6038